Big Trials Around the City

– In Queens, trial of Huang Chen’s murder started last week. Last year, Chen was delivering food for his parents’ Chinese restaurant. At an apartment building in Rochdale, he was beaten and murdered by two 16 year-olds who wanted his money to buy Nikes; the teens dumped his body into a pond later. When Chen didn’t return to the restaurant, his sister went to the apartment and saw blood on the floor. The Chinese press, here in the U.S. and overseas, has been covering the trial closely, while Asian groups have been staging rallies and protests about the violence against delivery men. The Daily News points out that this is the sixth assault of a Chinese food delivery man in the past five years. Delivery men seem to be easy targets, whether they are for Chinese food, pizza, you name it. Gothamist believes there are some restaurants that will not deliver to certain areas, which makes some neighborhood residents resentful. But what is the cost of doing business when there may be a history of attacks?

Posted by Jen Chung in News: NYC


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