New York Delivery Man Stuck in Elevator for 3 Days

Ming Kuang Chen, a Chinese immigrant working as a food delivery man for the Happy Dragon Restaurant, disappeared Friday, April 1st, after making a delivery at a high-rise Bronx borough apartment building.

Chen’s friends and co-workers first raised the alarm when he did not return from a food delivery. Robbery was immediately suspected, as there have been other incidents in the past where delivery men have been robbed, beaten, and even murdered for the food they were carrying.

New York police launched a massive search over the weekend, interviewing residents of the building in which Chen was last seen, and sending divers into a nearby river to search for Chen’s body.

Finally, almost 80 hours after he went missing, Chen was discovered trapped in one of the building’s elevators, where he had spent the better part of three days without food or water. Firefighters removed him from the elevator at around 5 AM Tuesday. Chen was suffering from dehydration, but is expected to make a full recovery.

Now it is up to city inspectors to determine why police and the building’s security force did not find Chen sooner. Chen, who speaks little English, claimed he used the intercom and banged on the door and floor of the elevator in his attempts to alert someone of his plight. He said the intercom worked, but his English was not good enough to make himself understood.

In an interview with ETTV, a Taiwan-based news network, Chen said “Thanks for everyone caring about me. I’m fine now.”


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