Man stuck in elevator for three days

A deliveryman from a Chinese restaurant in New York who was missing for three days was found alive in a stuck elevator Tuesday.

Ming Kuang Chen, 35, disappeared Friday night after taking a large order of curried shrimp and shrimp fried rice to a Bronx high-rise apartment building.

After Chen did not return to the Happy Dragon restaurant, authorities conducted a door-to-door search of the apartment complex. Chen said through a translator that he repeatedly cried out and pushed the alarm button in the elevator but police officers and the building’s private security force did not hear. The elevator’s intercom did answer five or six times but the language barrier was too great.

Chen had no food or water during his three days in the elevator. He was taken to a hospital after being found and was treated for minor dehydration.

In the past five years, two delivery men for Chinese restaurants have been killed in New York City. One was killed for a $60 meal, the other for money to buy Air Jordan sneakers.


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