“I miss you so much”

Widow places her hands by bullet hole where killers shot her husband on a delivery run.


The widow fell to her knees, pressing her palms to the ground to pray for her slain husband’s soul.

“I miss you so much. I miss you so much,” said Xiu Mei Wei, nervously rocking her body, cradling her arms together as she visited the Bronx building yesterday where her husband, a Chinese food deliveryman, was shot dead by two robbers.

Through her tears, Wei said a prayer, kneeling before a portrait of her husband, FaHua Chen.

Wei’s family created a beautiful shrine of two long red candles in golden candleholders, surrounded by a display of fresh fruit, incense and seven bowls of hot food.

Then two Buddhist monks began the solemn service for the slain man, as Wei, 50, and her daughter, Ting Chen, 24, a college student in England, watched in the courtyard of 611 E. 149th St. in the South Bronx.

“Dear daddy,” Ting Chen said, “beyond the world as we know it, there is a place where we will all meet again. We will never say goodbye.”

Wei, a Fujianese woman, walked arm-in-arm with her daughter to the building lobby to retrace her husband’s last moments 10 days ago.

In her daughter’s warm embrace, Wei stuck her finger through a bullet hole in a plexiglass wall, left by the hot lead that claimed her husband’s life.

With the killers still on the loose, Councilman John Liu (D-Queens) asked that anyone with information about Chen’s murder call the police.

The Police Department is offering a $13,000 reward for information leading to their arrest.

Jimmy Cheng of the United Fujianese American Association called on delivery workers to stop making door-to-door deliveries until their lives are no longer endangered.


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