Golden Venture

Aaron and I watched Golden Venture last night. It is a documentary about the container ship that landed in New York with nearly 300 Chinese. The work traced the lives of four of the survivors and also interviewed Americans in York, Pennsylvania who advocated on behalf of the undocumented immigrants the four years they were incarcerated after landing in the United States.

I was surprised that the Chinese from Fujian Province had to hike through the mountains to Bangkok, then board the deadly container ship. In Kenya, they picked up about 200 more Chinese who were stranded. Each person paid around $50,000 U.S. dollars for a “body space” on this boat. It looked like a 20th century slave ship.


2 thoughts on “Golden Venture

  1. Hello,
    I just finished Snakehead and would like to view the movie….Golden Venture. Where can I purchase it or site where I can down load it…thanks!

    Mike at sarasota

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