Fortunes from my co-star

From June 5-8, I (Byron) performed Kuang in a Stuck Elevator excerpt. On each night, my co-star — the fortune cookie — had his own two cents, but being a cookie with a broken mouth, people in the audience didn’t know what he had to say.

Here is what the fortunes said:

Dress Rehearsal Thursday Night

Things in life should be simple rather than complex.

Opening Night (the most emotional for Kuang missing his wife and son)

You are domestically inclined and will be happily married.

Saturday Night (when cookie fell from my hands and cracked)

Your day shall go well tomorrow.

Closing Night (when I held on extra tight to the cookie)

You will be unusually successful in business.

Thanks to On the Boards staff, crew, and audience, the Studio Performances of the first weekend of the NW New Works Festival were sold-out. It was great to have a full house to explore Stuck Elevator material. Uncanny how much the cookie knows.


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