Thanks for your interest. The September Workshop Performance has been cast. Stay tuned for the Kick-Off on September 17, at Casa Italiana at NYU and the musical reading on September 18, 7:30pm, at the Museum of Chinese in America in New York’s Chinatown.

* * *

Stuck Elevator is an operatic solo performance by composer Byron Au Yong and librettist Aaron Jafferis, 2009-2010 Artists-in-Residence at the A/P/A Institute at NYU. It is scored for male voice accompanied by fiddle, cello, and scrap metal percussion.

Show Synopsis
Prompted by the real-life story of Ming Kuang Chen, Stuck Elevator is an operatic solo performance about a Chinese restaurant delivery man trapped in an elevator for three days. Suspended between the upward mobility of the American dream and the downward plunge into an empty abyss, Stuck Elevator explores the places between Refuge/Prison, Freedom/Safety and Voice/Silence for an undocumented immigrant in America.

* * *

Stuck Elevator is a project of Creative Capital. In addition, the development of Stuck Elevator has received support from 4Culture, Artist Trust, and the Asian & Pacific Islander/Artist Presenting Initiative (API/2). Excerpts from Stuck Elevator have been presented in Hand2Mouth’s 2009 Risk/RewardNew Performance Festival and On the Boards’ 2009 NW New Works Festival.