Writing at Banff

Week 2: Sundance Institute Theatre Lab at the Banff Arts Centre

Creating an effective work environment can be a challenge. When traveling, I recommend setting up a standing desk with a folding ironing board. I discovered this last summer while working on Stuck Elevator at the Yale Institute for Music Theatre.

Folding ironing boards seem to be a required furniture in hotel rooms. Does anybody know why? Regardless of the reason, they are useful for more than pressing shirts. Along with an extra shelf + telephone book, I was able to have my laptop at the perfect height for a standing desk. (photo on the left)

At Banff, I couldn’t find a shelf to put on top of the ironing board. Aaron had the idea to turn a recycling bin upside down. I put my laptop on the recycling bin + telephone book on top of a small table and set this up behind a keyboard on top of the ironing board. Voila (!) My ad hoc work station faces the inspirational mountains. (photo on the right)

In his room, Aaron uses a garbage can on top of the ironing board for his standing desk as he is taller. This week, Aaron has also started writing in one of the elevators, so his work station has become sitting on the floor.

The Sundance Institute Theatre Lab hired dramaturg Otis Ramsey-Zoe to help us with Stuck Elevator during this three-week development. Is it a coincidence that this elevator is also named Otis?!


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